I Have Died and Gone To B’klyn Born –The Ultimate Shoe Heaven for the Modern Fashionista

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Ever since stone-washed denim and floral prints made a huge comeback in the fashion industry, all you could see were people flocking to their nearest designer stores to get a chance to revamp their entire wardrobe to be back on the chic list. Surprisingly, you would not see many shoe stores which are up-to-date or are able to redefine fashion with their stilettos and platform boots. It is time for women designer shoes to be worn with a much more fashionable content, which also match your apparel to the core and feel comfortable at the same time.

So, are you ready for graphic and floral printed boots or stilettos with the gladiator touch? B’klyn Born is the only online women shoes store that allows you to feast your eyes on a variety of new styles, keeping in view your work and leisure requirements to the tee!

Boho Chic Attire

Remember when you wished you could do justice to bohemian fashion for women but you

Elasticized Crisscross Straps Gladiator

just could not find enough accessories or sandals to go with you kimonos or loose jumpsuits and shirts? Well, B’klyn Born gives you a chance to do just that by going all vintage and chic with the uber cool gladiator heels that crisscross all the way up your legs and stop right beneath your knees.


Wrap your long shirt with a kimono and pair them up with flat elasticized sandals in several colors from B’klyn Born or with bamboo watercolor ankle strapped platform heels.


Desigual Dresses

Desigual dresses are in these days, and are a must have in summer and spring. The loose

Mock Neck Printed Peach Shift Dress
Peach Shift Dress

dresses and their off-the-hook prints have taken the internet and the chic fashion industry by storm. In order to pair your desigual dresses with the right set of shoes, we would recommend you to splurge your wallet and your savings on B’kyln Born’s various designs for heels and flats which have redefined the beauty of elasticity, straps, and wedges.


Typically, Peep-toe Cork Wedges or Platform Wedges are the two major entities that you could adorn with several pieces of Desigual dresses. Since these dresses are abstract and do justice to a variety of mix-and-match colors, B’klyn Born gives you a chance to think out of the box and buy peep-toe or caged toe sandals in a variety of colors, many of which are neon and also have fringes and cuffs to add to their beauty.

For The Fashionista at Work

Woman In Elegant Dress Standing Against Private Jet

Who is that debonair lady that we just saw walking down the aisle in her pencil skirt, a pair of frames and stilettos? That is right. B’kyln Born gives you a veritable smorgasbord of stilettos to choose from, along with a whole assortment of graphically printed or suede boots that you would have to definitely avoid in the rain and in the wet season. However, denim peep-toe platform heels are a must to possess, along with geometric stilettos for a chic yet fashionable, elegant look. B’kyln Born has made it easy for you to order sandals, wedges or heels online, with a definite chart that is sure to be right on cue. Grab your favorite designs and Shop Women’s Shoes here https://bklynborn.clothing/collections/shoes. We would love to know what you think about our new collection.


Women’s Fashion: How to Incorporate Elegant Tops and Trendy Accessories into Real Life Wardrobe?

Young attractive woman searching for clothing in a closet

Most people love to see models doing catwalk on runways in fashion shows held across the world. These tall and thin models wear clothing items created leading fashion designers that look stunning on them. Although these designer clothes are quite expensive and out of reach of common people, you can catch hold of their replicas after some time from cheap stores and street vendors. But instead of looking as attractive as those lanky supermodels, you find that you do not look any more special than in your everyday clothing items. In fact, most men and women find it extremely hard to pull off dresses that look so alluring on models on ramps and runways. But there is no need to feel bad as there are ways to incorporate high fashion trends in your real life wardrobe.

How to Pick the Best Tops for Summer Season?

It is summer time once again, a time period in the year when you can get rid of those heavy and boring outerwear and outfits and flaunt short, tight-fitting dresses to look attractive and feminine. Named after bathing suits of the 1920s, these sleeveless tops made of hosiery are tight fitting having low necklines. They come in many interesting styles with different necklines and straps over the shoulders. These tops are normally worn casually as street fashion and girls cover them up with a jacket or a shirt. Tops have similarities with spaghetti tops and camisoles but they are increasingly becoming very popular among girls and ladies across the country.

If you have been waiting for the warm and sunny weather conditions for a long time, now is the time to experiment with your attires to the content of your heart. If you have a desire to be comfortable and casual while at the same time appear fashionable to others, tops are your best option. The versatility of a top is such that you can pose it off as sportswear, casual outerwear, or as an undergarment depending upon your circumstances and your liking. Tops are a perfect solution to the desire of the girls to look glamorous and sexy. No matter whether you wear these tops over a skirt or jeans, you can look stunning if the top fits you and enables you to flaunt your feminine curves.

You can choose to wear tops for the purpose of layering or as casual wear on their own. These tops, by virtue of their interesting designs and strap patterns, have the capacity to make you look hot and fashionable whether you have worn a plain top or a bright and colorful one. One thing that is guaranteed with tops is that you can certainly feel much more comfortable, cool, and relaxed. You can also indulge in a little bit of skin show to catch the attention of the men around you by wearing these tops.

If you have so far resisted the temptation to wear tops because of their small size, you can now choose from tops with lace trims and other patterns to have a sort of veil to give an impression of wearing larger tops than they are. After all, summer season is the time to wear lightweight and small clothes to enjoy the hot weather.

Best Available Tops from B’klyn Born










Round Hem Pocket Tee 3 Colors

Price: $32.63

Round Hem Pocket Tee 3 Colors is one of the best crop tops provided by B’klyn Born.


Chambray Triangle Denim Bralette Top












Price: $26.26


Chambray Triangle Denim Bralette Top

Mix Mesh Panel Sweatshirt Top

Mix Mesh Panel Sweatshirt Top

Mix Mesh Panel Sweatshirt Top

Price: $70


Multi Print Navy Patch Button Up Cocoon Top

Multi Print Navy Patch Button Up Cocoon Top

Price: $42.25


Black Mesh Stretch Top

Black Mesh Stretch Top

Price: $55.00

Crop Tops 

Crop Tops

Black Bohemian Black Crop Top

Price: $25.22

Who would have thought crop tops would continue to dominate the fashion scene for so long? But they were seen recently in NYFW and the models looked simply gorgeous wearing small and loose crop tops. If you find yourself attracted to crop tops but fear showing skin and causing distraction, you can wear a high waist skirt to prevent a lot of skin show. Black Bohemian Black Crop Top is one of the best crop tops provided by B’klyn Born. Also, do not forget to wear your sports bra inside the crop top to appear indecent to others. In fact, you can appear very fashionable with floor length bright colored skirts if you combine them with your crop tops.

Other Crop Tops from B’klyn Born

Sergeant Camo Camouflage Cotton Rip Crop Top

Sergeant Camo Camouflage Cotton Rip Crop Top

Price: $23.66


Grey Multicolor Tie Dye Butterfly Sleeve Crop Top

Grey Multicolor Tie Dye Butterfly Sleeve Crop Top

Price: $24.44

Accessories that Speak before you do

If you are a teenager or a young adult, it is your desire to be noticed by others, especially the member of the opposite sex. Also, you want others to think about you as a fashionable and trendy individual. Both of these targets are achievable with the help of garments and accessories that are designed to compel others to notice your presence. As a teenager or a young adult, chances are that you are not yet settled in your career. This means that buying items of clothing and accessories for personal use that are expensive or belong to designer labels is not an option for you.

There are many women who can ruin even,  the most perfect  of the outfits by wrong or inappropriate selection of accessories. On the other hand, if you know how to make the most of accessories, you can turn an ordinary outfit into a showstopper. Right accessories have this kind of power. This means that if you know what accessories to carry or sport with your outfit at a social gathering, you can hope to become a star of the evening.

B’klyn Born also provides elegant and trendy accessories that can boost your personality and charm of your fashionable clothes in front of others. B’klyn Born accessories include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, bridal jewelry, body art, sunglasses, fragrances, scarfs, gloves, hats, wallets and watches etc.

Fashion accessories are all those things that you can wear or make use of in a personal manner besides your outfit. There are times and occasions when these accessories become more important than your attire. This is why you should know how to choose right accessories to create maximum impact on others. Some of the most common and also most important fashion accessories for a lady are her shoes, handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, scarves, hats, belts, socks, and ornaments used on hair. However, this list has become very large today and includes practically everything besides the actual outfit that a woman is wearing. So it may also include smartphones covers, various hairstyles, and garments meant to be used as outerwear only.

Like these trends, it is possible to tame many of the latest fashion trends to incorporate them in your real life wardrobes. All it takes is a little bit of sense of fashion, keeping in mind your own body shape and figure.